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  • Península is a private investment management company with an investment approach focused on creating long-term value.

  • Founded by Abilio Diniz, it manages direct private investments, an asset management company, a real estate portfolio and it also has a social initiative, named Instituto Península.

  • Created in 2006, the company manages the resources of the Abilio Diniz family and also third-party assets. Our differentiations are long-term proprietary capital, which allows flexibility and independence in resource allocation for optimized return, broad local and sectoral knowledge that ensures access to opportunities and a multidisciplinary and experienced team.

  • As a national institutional investor, we invest with integrity and responsibility, believing that, through our investments, we can support the development of new entrepreneurs and consequently of our country.

  • Península also plays a fundamental role in supporting the Abilio Diniz family, both in shareholder matters (succession and governance, preparation of shareholders and future shareholders, tax topics, etc.) and also in the services provided to the family (security, maintenance, aviation , travel, etc.).


Strategic Assets
  • Shareholding in Carrefour Brasil and França, Wine, Oncoclínicas and Padaria Benjamin. Management of own and third-party resources (currently at Carrefour)

  • Fund that invests in transformational businesses in areas where Brazil and Latin America face vital challenges

Real Estate
  • Store portfolio leased under long-term contracts

O3 Capital
  • O3 Capital is an asset management firm that, since 2014 exclusively managing part of financial resources of Abilio Diniz’s family, opened the possibility of investment to the general public in 2021

  • Stores and other properties real estate fund

  • Management of liquid investments (in third-party managers) and treasury management

  • Management of personal portfolios of shareholders (Wealth) and managing partners

  • Third sector organization that works to support the improvement of the teaching career because it believes that teachers are the main agents of transformation for a quality education in Brazil